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What are the driving methods of stepping motors?
Publisher:admin Add time:2017/9/22 Browse times:6076

today or to tell you, stepper motor drivers are what, we still follow the Xiaobian look at it together.
A. high voltage drive: This is mainly for the constant voltage driver has some disadvantages, then go in to the further development of technology, then developed new high voltage drive is mainly used to improve the constant voltage to drive a portion of the shortcomings, so that the principle of high voltage driving is the main step in. When the step motor to the whole this time need to use high pressure to control, if there is a movement to a half step on the use of low voltage control, so that in the end when using low pressure is to control, make it stop.
B. constant voltage drive: single voltage driver is mainly refers to the process of motor winding work, so we only we only need one direction voltage to supply power to the windings, and then alternating voltage to provide a plurality of winding in the other way, this is a kind of driving mode of old, now no
  C. current chopper drive this is now currently on the market with a most, relatively current chopper drive directly to the stepper motor winding current voltage into a certain proportion, then the output of the D/A converter with the preset value to compare, is mainly to take control of switch power tube compared with results of the we can control the main winding current to the.

  D. there is a sneak into the drive which is a new motion control technology, this technology is mainly based on the current chopper drive technology, to overcome the shortcomings and innovation in to a new drive method, which is the core technology in the current chopper on the premise of driving directly increases the driving element heating and high frequency suppression protection technology.
  There is e. in the working principle of self-excited constant current chopper driven mainly by the hardware design when the current reaches the set value when we go through the current hardware is closed, then we go to another winding to electricity, there is another current winding energized to an fixed current, and then through the hardware so close, so repeatedly, and then you can go to the advance of stepper motor operation