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Hunan Zhne motor co. LTD
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Zhuhai Zhne Electronics Ltd.
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Zhongshan zhiling electronic technology co. LTD
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Zhuhai Zhne Electronics Co. Ltd., referred to as "Zhne motor", for the city of Zhongshan rich Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in Guangdong in 2011 in the town of Nantou city of Zhongshan Province, after nearly 5 years of development and accumulation of more than in 2013 due to business expansion needed to move to a beautiful environment, convenient transportation of the coastal economic zones - Zhuhai city the company's long-term commitment to the BYJ series, TYJ series stepper motor, synchronous motor, DC motor, gear motor, micro motor development, and related electronic products production, sales, the company's existing production workers 200-500, design personnel 20-30people, plant area of nearly 2000 square meters, annual production of motor 8 million units (sets). Annual sales of up to 30 million products in over more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions and exported to Western Europe, North America and other developed countries or regions, the quality management of the company has a complete and scientific System. Zhuhai intellectual Electronics Co., Ltd. good faith, strength and product quality recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiation