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What are the advantages of a stepper motor, do you know?
Publisher:admin Add time:2017/9/22 Browse times:6068

many friends often use stepper motor, but the advantages of stepper motor is still not clear, then Xiaobian is to solve the problem for you, then, and small make up a look at it.

As for the specific advantages are as follows:

The A. stepper motor has the maximum torque when it stops, but must be (when the winding is exciting).

B. very good start stop and reverse response speed.

C. and there is a wide range of speed because the speed is directly proportional to the pulse frequency.

D. the angle of rotation of the stepper motor is proportional to the number of pulses.

E. in is due to step precision in the three percent to five percent, and the error is not one step to the next step to accumulate, so repeated position accuracy is better and the movement.

At the same time, because the f. has no brush, the reliability will be higher, so the life of the stepping motor is only related to the life of the bearing.

G. This is just to load directly to the axis of the stepper motor to go, but also can be very low speed for synchronous rotation.

In response to the H. stepper motor is only by the number of input pulses to determine, so we can use the open loop control, so that it will make the structure of the motor can be relatively simple, so naturally to control the cost.