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We should pay attention to the needle penetrometer of stepping motors
Publisher:admin Add time:2017/9/22 Browse times:5936

&nbsp now has a lot of China; in the industry in the Chinese of every hue, especially in the rapid development of today's industrial development very quickly, so the motor industry is in the industrial development of an industry which will not lose, most of the machinery are basically required for motor.
Then I have a friend asked me, penetration in the use of time, we should pay attention to what?.
The following points:
A. to detect when to use the rod, we should go to the press there is light, not to violent operation, also can not go fast crash.
When B. is in that we need to re put the needle rod, should be the first to put the button to release the note for pumping dial directly to not pin connecting rod under locked state, so it is easy to cause wear free needle connecting rod and rod sleeve.
&nbsp: C., we can take the test needles when we have finished each test, in the case of oil protection and inside the sheath.