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Stepper motor driver signal is offline, how should I get it back?
Publisher:admin Add time:2017/9/22 Browse times:5890

stepper motor driver is now used more and widely, so hybrid stepper motor drive directly to the hybrid stepping motor as an implicit pole synchronous machine, and then go directly to establish the stepper drive system,
In this it includes a motor and a power amplifier circuit and BUCK converter, this is a relatively unified equation, then we can go to the discussion of this equation, then the output current when the steady-state operation of the driver and the inductor current, there is a motor winding current is directly to do a simulation calculation and also, the experiment verified the accuracy calculation method of mathematical model, the simulation of the whole system, at the same time can go to calculate the electromagnetic resonant frequency of the driving system with the method for solving the equation of state.
In 1, when the FREE signal is offline for a low level, so did the current output to the drive motor is directly off the meal, then the motor rotor in a free state that we have always said offline.
2. so in some automation equipment, if it is in the stepper driver energized condition, if it is required to directly rotate the motor shaft (manual mode), then you can use the FREE signal set low, so you can go to the motor at the same time offline, you can go to the manual operation or regulation the.
These methods are very practical, I hope we can help you.