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Stepper motor does not turn on the fuse, but also fuse what caused the situation?
Publisher:admin Add time:2017/9/22 Browse times:5820
Stepper motor after the power supply, why not turn it at the same time fuse is also what is the case, then why will these failures, what are the reasons, or small and make up a look at it.
The first is the fault reasons are:
A. may be missing a phase power supply, and then there is the fixed dry coil instead.
B. the stator winding is grounded.
C. the stator winding is out of order.
D. stator winding phase to line short circuit.
The cross section of the E. fuse is relatively small.
F. the power line is short circuited or grounded.
Then the emergence of the above problems we need to how to solve it?
A. We can check that the shutter is not working properly. There is a possibility that the power circuit is disconnected. We can eliminate the reverse connection.
B. we can get rid of the ground.
C. checked out, and then went to make corrections.
D. and then go directly to the fuse.
E., we can go find the short circuit and then fix it.
F. also needs to clear the ground.