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Application of stepping motor in batch packaging machine
Publisher:admin Add time:2017/9/22 Browse times:6028

the stepper motor due to strong performance in many places have been widely used, because of his performance today are so small to give us is used in the above is mainly mechanical, intermittent packaging machine, and it is still small series with a look.

The first step motor in the envelope bag and fill or seal of, so that the plastic packaging is to go to the location of fixed length, whether the intermittent supply or continuous supply are the need to rely on the stepper motor to complete the.

Where there is a batch type packing machine is used to the stepper motor for the film, so you can be very reliable, the packaging film before feeding is gap strap crank connecting rod mechanism used in the way to go, its structure is more complex, the adjustment is difficult,

So when to replace the product when we need to, to face the difficulties of adjustment, this film will waste a lot, if you go to the stepper motor and the belt wheel to directly connect the strap, it not only from the top to simplify the structure, but also can

In order to adjust to very great convenience for, so you only need to go through the control panel on the button can do easily, so it not only saves the adjusting time, and save the packing material.

So in this intermittent packing machine, we need the packing material feeding control can go by the two models, the long control mode and color control mode so that the bags, long bag control mode is allowed to apply to the packaging film with color, and then in the

Methods to speed preset by the stepper motor to achieve, so to set the ratio of air through the dial switch can achieve, such color mode photoelectric switch equipped with photoelectric switch, and the detection of color, so that when the detected color, a control switch

The signal, after this step motor received signal to stop, and then after going to delay some time, and then to rotate for film, so again and again, and then will be in accordance with the color of the position to the fixed length for film.